It is good to know what you are asking for. That is why we work with stable, attractive rates at Zamaradi Communications. Then you will never be in for a surprise.

Group Courses

The group courses at our school in Amsterdam always cost €100 per level, both for intensive and for once-a-week courses. One level takes 10 hours. The lesson materials cost €6 per level.

Private Courses

We offer private Dutch lessons for a fixed rate of €50 p/h. If you have a friend, family member or colleague joining you, we don’t charge anything extra, so you can split the costs.
The lessons can take place at our school, but also at your home or office.

InCompany Lessons

We can come to your company for private lessons or small group courses (with a maximum of 6 students). We work with a fixed rate of €50 p/h. If your company is located in Amsterdam, we do not charge travel expenses.