About Zamaradi Communications

Dutch School in Amsterdam 


Dutch school Amsterdam, Zamaradi Communications, Dutch courseDear reader,

My name is Emeraude van Deenen, and I am founder and proprietor of Zamaradi Communications, a Dutch school located in Amsterdam.

As a child, I read anything and everything – at the age of eleven I had already devoured all the child and youth books from the local library and I secretly used my mother’s access card in order to read all the adult books as well. My strong liking was not only for written texts – the so-called Ars Poetica – but also for verbal communication and persuasiveness – the Ars Retorica. What brings these two areas together? Language! I have always been intrigued by the strength of language, and also at the same time by the nonchalance with which we apply language for all kinds of communication in our daily lives.

Therefore it was a logical step for me to study Literature and Dutch after finishing my secondary school. Driven by ambition, I already started building my career when I started on my studies: Alexander Goede, proprietor of Katakura WBLC, saw something in me and trained me, during my studies, to become a language teacher. I was also granted the opportunity to do practical training at the renowned publisher of child and youth books, Emanuel Querido, where I learnt all the ins and outs of being an editor. These practical experiences got things moving, with the result that various companies in the same line of work knew where to find me.
Driven by entrepreneurship (and the same ambition), I founded an enterprise during my Masters (which I finished cum laude): Zamaradi Communications came into being.

From that time on, I have welcomed various commissioning parties for whom I have executed various, diverse assignments. Anybody who needs services related to the Dutch language is welcome, and I am also looking for professional freelancers to strengthen my team.

Choosing for Zamaradi Communications means that you are choosing for a personal and qualitative approach. We always keep your goals and wishes in mind, so that we can shoulder the task together.