Schedule & Enrollment Advanced
Levels 7, 8 and 9

All courses are intensive and take 1 week, with 2 hours of class per day. You can find more information about the set up of the courses here.

You can enter the advanced levels if you feel comfortable speaking only in Dutch. This is important because the course is taught completely in Dutch.
If you aren’t sure which level will suit you best, please visit this page.

Afternoon courses 14.00-16.00h (2-4pm)
Level 7, March 25-29, 2/6 places taken
Level 8, April 1-5, 1/6 places taken
Level 9, April 8-12, 1/6 places taken

Afternoon courses 14.00-16.00h (2-4pm)
Level 7, June 24-28, 0/6 places taken
Level 8, July 1-5, 0/6 places taken
Level 9, July 8-12, 0/6 places taken

All courses cost €149 per level. This includes:
10 class hours
1 lesson book
• homework corrections
• unlimited access to an online vocabulary exercise platform
• unlimited coffee, tea and cookies 🙂

Below you can enroll for one or more levels